HORBHandle Driven Orb
HORBHirano Object Request Broker
HORBHomeland Operations Recommended Budget
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Esta proteina es codificada por el gen horB, paralogo de la familia de los genes codificantes de PME y con una similitud del 29 % con el gen hopE [22].
Sergeant Major Desi Bouterse and Sergeant Roy Horb had begun organizing the coup shortly after the arrest of the three BOMIKA leaders.
Contract notice: procurement of a rescue vehicle for the fire brigade horb a.
In Sattler's own case, it appears that he was preparing to pastor Anabaptist communities in the Neckar Valley, hostile territory governed by the Austrian regime, when he was arrested in the town of Horb on or before March 18, 1527, along with his wife, Margaretha, two other Anabaptist missionaries and several local people.
EuroPress Metalforming Technologies Inc, Pewaukee, WI, is the exclusive distributor for the Lauffer hydraulic presses, Horb, Germany
When Michael Sattler was arrested in Horb, Wilhelm Reublin's wife and child were also arrested.
This is in connection with the measure expansion of the B28, the gap between Grnmettstetten and Horb am Neckar, on the axis Freudenstadt to the junction Horb (BAB A 81).
The invitation to tender is divided into the following lots: Lot 1 - district court aalen lot 2 - district court of backnang lot 3 - district court balingen lot 4 - district court crailsheim lot 5 - district court esslingen lot 6 - district court nrtingen lot 7 - district court of rottenburg lot 8 - district court schwbisch hall lot 9 - district court sigmaringen lot 10 - district court of tuttlingen lot 11 - district court of horb a.
Implementing agency : GroE-e Kreisstadt Horb am Neckar
Contract award: purchasing a loading device for engine test bed combustion and electric motors at the cooperative state university stuttgart campus horb.
Award of a service concession - Rental of space for operating a stamping and point of sale (signs peen) for License Plate in the branch office of the District Office Freudenstadt, in Horb am Neckar.
The Stadtweke Horb am Neckar operate a district heating network in the city Horb am Neckar.