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HORNETHybrid Opto-Electronic Ring Network (Stanford University/Sprint)
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And the willow-wren summoned everything which flew in the air, not only birds, large and small, but midges, and hornets, bees and flies had to come.
"It was a big stone that I threw," chuckled Mowgli, who had often amused himself by throwing ripe paw-paws into a hornet's nest, and racing off to the nearest pool before the hornets caught him.
It looks like a hornet. How on earth do these things get into the house?'
I hadn't minded her mill that morning, on account of having that hornets' nest of other troubles; but more than once in the afternoon I had to say:
``this comes of lending you the use of my castle, that cannot manage your undertaking quietly, but you must bring this nest of hornets about my ears!''
``Of hornets?'' said De Bracy; ``of stingless drones rather; a band of lazy knaves, who take to the wood, and destroy the venison rather than labour for their maintenance.''
No sooner had Metak so unwarily opened the door to this hornets' nest than he immediately withdrew and, turning, fled again in a new direction.
He had taken thirty grains of quinine, and the drug was buzzing in his ears like a nest of hornets, making his hands and knees tremble, and causing a sickening palpitation of the stomach.
Let us look,' said the lama, and he led from the white road across the fields; walking into a very hornets' nest of pariah dogs.
Following the shot there was a moment's silence in the camp, and then Manyuema and Arab came pouring from the huts like a swarm of angry hornets; but if the truth were known they were even more frightened than they were angry.
After it was brought into the thick of action in 2001, the Super Hornet took out surface-to-air missile launchers in Iraq in 2002, participated in combat missions in Afghanistan and also have proved key in conducting strikes against the strongholds of the Islamic State group (ISIS), in the recent years.
Because many .22 Hornet rifles feature 1:16 twist rates, 45 grains is the heaviest bullet weight offered in most factory loadings.