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HORNETHybrid Opto-Electronic Ring Network (Stanford University/Sprint)
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The hornet eats large insects including wasps and large bees and is often confused with its larger Asian cousin.
Mr Gellatly said the risk posed to humans by the Asian hornet was no greater than a bee, wasp or other stinging insect but that different people would react differently to their stings.
WITH the invasion of the European hornets on our doorsteps, here are seven handy tips to help you identify and avoid them.
The invading insect - thought to be an Asian giant hornet - began dive bombing 74-year-old Peter Wilkinson while he was repairing the roof of his shed.
And that's why the Hornet just rocks, it really does.
Boeing also is trying to extend Super Hornet and Growler production through international sales in countries such as Australia, Malaysia, Brazil, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, Denmark and Canada.
Wildlife charity Buglife says it has received an unprecedented number of Hornet hoverfly sightings this summer and expects to see more of the creatures across the region as they move north in search of cooler temperatures.
Ruag is moreover licensed on the F404 engine, which powers the F/A-18 Hornet, a new fighter in Swiss service.
The Super Hornet may share the same appearance as the CF-18, but that's all it shares with it.
Two Navy-led teams supporting the Hornet fleet were also recently announced winners of the first Secretary of Defense Performance Based Logistics Awards competition.
A reunion of ex-Hornet pilots and Sea Hornet pilots and observers is to be held at the Mosquito Museum to mark this event; so, if there are any of these venerable gentlemen still about, will they please contact me on 01285 642997 or email: dhhornet50@hotmail.
The 13 two-seat F/A-18F Super Hornet fighters were deployed last November to the Atsugi base to replace the aging F-14A Tomcat fighters aboard the Kitty Hawk.