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HORSEHolistic Operational Readiness Security Evaluation (information security forum)
HORSEHeavy Operational Repair Squadron Engineer
HORSEHuman On-line Resource Support Environment
HORSEHands-On Radio SETI (Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence) Exhibit (Berkeley, CA)
HORSEHuman Online Resource Support Environment
HORSEHold'em, Omaha High-Low Split, Razz, Seven Card-Stud, High-Low, Eight or Better Stud (poker game)
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Oh, but," thought D'Artagnan, becoming very anxious, "that is not a common horse M.
The Gauchos are well known to be perfect riders The idea of being thrown, let the horse do what it likes; never enters their head.
The Horse Guards were galloping, but still holding in their horses.
Monsieur," said Musqueton, who, abandoning his horse on the high road, had come on foot to rejoin his master, "Phoebus could no longer hold out and "
Hunt consulted, to conceal all knowledge or suspicion of the meditated treachery, but to keep up a vigilant watch upon the movements of Rose, and a strict guard upon the horses at night.
Vasili Andreevich turned the horse back and drove through the outskirts of the village.
I know I'm not much account; but I'm the only horse in all the Land of Oz, so they treat me with great respect.
The rest of the powder seemed to have vanished into the body of the horse.
When the work was done, the fox clapped the horse on the shoulder, and said, 'Jip
The horse once picketed, the care of the owner was over for the night, and he slept profoundly.
Winkle pulled at the bridle of the tall horse till he was black in the face; and having at length succeeded in stopping him, dismounted, handed the whip to Mr.
Ginger and I were not of the regular tall carriage horse breed, we had more of the racing blood in us.