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HORSESHigher-Order Raman Spectral Excitation Studies
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said the musketeer to himself; "a horse galloping, - a runaway horse, no doubt.
On a former excursion I crossed the Lucia near its mouth, and I was surprised to observe how easily our horses, although not used to swim, passed over a width of at least six hundred yards.
The Horse Guards were galloping, but still holding in their horses.
Porthos breathed a sigh; he thought of what was in store for his poor horses.
His plan was that several of the men should join with him, when in that neighborhood, in carrying off a number of the horses with their packages of goods, and deserting to those savages.
Real horses, like myself, are made of flesh and blood and bones.
I understand," said Jack, cheerfully "That's the kind of horse you are now sitting on.
Many of the Indian warriors and hunters encamped around Captain Bonneville possess from thirty to forty horses each.
They are supposed," said Justice, the roan cob, in his calm way, "to prevent horses from shying and starting, and getting so frightened as to cause accidents.
Should have, but didn't manage it,' said Vasili Andreevich, holding in the horse.
His father too possessed a horse which he often used to take out into the fields to graze.
The poor horse was very melancholy, and wandered up and down in the wood, seeking some little shelter from the cold wind and rain.