HOSCHuntsville Operations Support Center
HOSCHeads of Special Collections (University of California system)
HOSCHigher-Order and Symbolic Computation
HOSCHealth Overview and Scrutiny Committee (UK)
HOSCHybrid Operating System Cluster
HOSCHistory of Science Cases
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Once trained and certified, HUMINT Soldiers are identified to participate in the HOSC.
In addition to the Army Intelligence Community's "Big Three" initiative of "No MI Soldier at Rest," the HOSC also supports FORSCOM CG's number one priority: Readiness.
The HOSC allows FORSCOM HUMINT Soldiers to expand their opportunities from the original FORSCOM/ INSCOM FORMICA LET Program to real world missions supporting combatant commands.
Per the FORSCOM/ASCC MoA, the HOSC is transitioning to ensure HUMINT personnel continue to support RAF operations.
The HOSC can be a training venue, but more importantly, a real world opportunity to polish HUMINT Soldiers' skill sets, while responding to and answering the commander's PIRs.
The HOSC relies heavily on the commander's support to achieve success.
The HOSC has quickly become a useful tool for FORSCOM commanders to train their HUMINT Soldiers and prepare them for the next operational uncertainty.
The HOSC provides a venue for HUMINT Soldiers to apply their skills, gain valuable experience, and grow into professional HUMINT leaders, prepared, trained, and ready for the next conflict.
As this is a complex national review we provided all overview and scrutiny bodies seven months to consider our proposals and to provide their feedback, however I fully recognise that individual HOSCs (and joint committees where they were formed on a regional basis) face considerable pressures in responding to consultations of this nature.