HOSMHolme on Spalding Moor (UK county)
HOSMHost Operations System Manager
HOSMHigher Order Sliding Modes
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Civilians who have made a notable contribution to the rehabilitation of Iraq and to meeting the humanitarian needs of the people of Iraq would be awarded the Iraq clasp to the Humanitarian Overseas Service Medal (HOSM).
Based on previous work, a new higher order sliding mode controller with optimal reaching was designed in [26], which proves useful for the tuning of HOSM controller parameters.
Preserving the SMC features, the high order sliding mode (HOSM) technique is capable of removing the chattering and improving accuracy and convergent rate [16].
For instance, some higher-order sliding modes (HOSM) observers (differentiators) were designed in work [13, 14] to ensure finite-time convergence even in the presence of input disturbances.
To eliminate the chattering and obtain higher accuracy, high-order sliding mode (HOSM) techniques have been studied and applied for real applications.
In this paper, a new FD and FTC scheme for uncertain robot manipulators with only a position measurement is presented based on super-twisting HOSM controller and observer to compensate both the uncertainties and faults and obtain fast convergence, high accuracy, and less chattering.
One of the possible solutions of chattering reduction was the use of higher-order sliding mode (HOSM) control [16].