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HOSPITALHurt Operative Safely Protected in Totally Antiseptic Location (video game)
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Yes, this is a monument he is setting up here," said Anna, turning to Dolly with that sly smile of comprehension with which she had previously talked about the hospital.
does stand for 'Charing Cross Hospital,' what further inferences may we draw?
He doesn't come to the hospital because he's afraid of meeting you, and he thinks you'd cut him.
The hospital was in a small Prussian town that had been twice devastated by Russian and French troops.
she said, "he suffers a deal of pain; he is four years old and can't walk any more than a baby; but the doctor said if I could get him into the hospital he might get well; pray, sir, how far is it; and which way is it?
The day I came out of hospital I took up drinking again as a matter of course.
I went the same day to the hospital, and was taken to the bedside.
He gave his orders to the boss-boys and made his regular trips to the hospital.
A fine fever hospital in addition to the old infirmary might be the nucleus of a medical school here, when once we get our medical reforms; and what would do more for medical education than the spread of such schools over the country?
Since you left, the Regiment has taken to fever and is fairly rotten with it - two hundred in hospital, about a hundred in cells - drinking to keep off fever - and the Companies on parade fifteen file strong at the outside.
That much Tekla had told me herself one afternoon we happened to meet at the door of the hospital, and without any kind of comment.
They took him to the county hospital, where a young surgeon set his arm; then he was washed and laid upon a bed in a ward with a score or two more of maimed and mangled men.