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HOSSHoosier Outlaw Sprint Series
HOSSHardtop Organized Storage System (car accessories)
HOSSHands-On Solar System (educational program)
HOSSHigh-Output Stainless Steel
HOSSHelicopter Onboard Surveillance System
HOSSHoming Optical System Study
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"Yer oughter seen how mad he looked, when I brought the hoss up.
"Lor, I seed you," said Andy; "an't you an old hoss, Sam?"
"And I'll tell yer more 'n all," said Andy; "I specs you'd better be making tracks for dem hosses,--mighty sudden, too, for I hearn Missis 'quirin' arter yer,--so you've stood foolin' long enough."
Now, you see, get all dese yer hosses loose, caperin' permiscus round dis yer lot and down to de wood dar, and I spec Mas'r won't be off in a hurry."
In a revealing interview, Brigitte Hoss, 80, expressed remorse for those who died, but asked if so many people had survived then how could so many be claimed dead, the New York Daily News reported.
BEIRUT: Former Prime Minister Salim Hoss voiced his concern Thursday that the violence in Syria, which has been ongoing for nearly two years, could reach Lebanon if the crisis in the neighboring country lasts any longer.
"The (peace) settlements proposed these days have nothing to do with real solutions," Hoss said.
Topped by a mesmerizing perf from Petzold favorite Nina Hoss ("Wolfsburg," "Something to Remind Me") as a young businesswoman unwrapping her inner demons and ambitions, pic could click on the fest and arthouse circuits in the same way as Petzold's earlier "The State I Am In" (2001), with critical support.
(The money would be spent on schools, hospitals and infrastructure and compensate the relatives of those who died in violence during Israel's occupation.) Hoss says a lack of international pressure on Israel during its occupation of southern Lebanon had had "tragic consequences" that needed to be addressed.
That business can operate because of a federal court order from 1986, Hoss said.
Hoss reiterated that Lebanon should mark its borders on the regional waters.