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HOSSHardtop Organized Storage System (car accessories)
HOSSHands-On Solar System (educational program)
HOSSHigh-Output Stainless Steel
HOSSHelicopter Onboard Surveillance System
HOSSHoming Optical System Study
HOSSHoosier Outlaw Sprint Series
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Now the fact is, this 'ere hoss is just pulled down with overwork in the cabs; he's not an old one, and I heerd as how the vetenary should say, that a six months' run off would set him right up, being as how his wind was not broken.
Its office helpers were all known to the "Army" by quaint titles--"Inky Ike," "the Bald-headed Man," "the Redheaded Girl," "the Bulldog," "the Office Goat," and "the One Hoss.
Mas'rs' hoss wants rubben down; see how he splashed hisself; and Jerry limps too; don't think Missis would be willin' to have us start dis yer way, no how.
Swar away, ole fellow (says I to myself ); will yer have yer hoss now, or wait till you cotch him?
Yer oughter seen how mad he looked, when I brought the hoss up.
Lor, I seed you," said Andy; "an't you an old hoss, Sam?
I reckon they'll come after old Hoss Williams to-night.
they said he'd got no more grip o' the hoss than if his legs had been cross-sticks: my grandfather heared old Squire Cass say so many and many a time.
He comes here to preach of a Sunday afternoon, sir, an' puts up his hoss here.
They's only one thing for you to do, old hoss, an' that's beat it.
I'm from a big family and we all gathered around the TV for Bonanza and Hoss was the man - I can't wait
Hoss said expansion of economic ties with Iran is linked to lack of strong base in banking and financial transactions and all the Swiss merchants are waiting for the results of nuclear talks between Iran and the Group 5+1 (the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany).