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HOSTAHazardous Occupations Safety Training for Agriculture (USDA)
HOSTAHope for the Orphans to Skills and Training
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You can buy two Hosta 'White Feather' for PS9.99 or buy four for PS19.98 and we will send you a further two free.
The garden at Chateau Overbury used to be plagued by snails, but following David's tip was part of ongoing hard work - including several years heading out with a torch when I put the dog out before bedtime and picking them up one by one - and have meant that my hostas are able to put on a spectacular display every year.
Recently I was given a rather sickly specimen named 'Striptease' which had been grown in close proximity to Hosta 'The Pilgrim', perhaps it felt inhibited by its previous company as without the pilgrim nearby by its now a flourishing daring spectacle of burlesque.
When the other hosta flowered, he opened the jam jar and pollinated it with pollen from the first flower.
If you want to maintain the volume of the main clump of your hosta rather than making several new, evenly sized pieces, treat it like a cake and cut out one or two slices before returning the mother clump to the soil.
For Proctor, the garden of the late Betty Tetreault, a hosta expert who became a trusted friend and mentor, opened her eyes.
Among plants you might try here are Hosta x tardiana, 'Halcyon'; lady fern; leatherwood fern; Pachysandra terminalis; and Hedera helix, 'Wilson's ivy.'
Hosta's love for and knowledge of nature is apparent making this an excellent read-aloud selection for a unit in science.
"They found there are as many particulates inside the gym as there are outside" says Hosta. "But since they didn't use the same scale the EPA uses to set regulations, there is nothing for us to go back and compare the results to in order to find out how dangerous the air is for kids to breathe.
In the early '90s, plant breeders worked with hybrids of Francee, a hosta with forest green heart shaped leaves and a nice white margin.
Who really pays attention to the blooms of hostas? Sure, they are nice, but it's the big bold, variegated, ribbed and coloured leaves that entice the eye and attract gardeners to the hosta.
Arrow bamboo, ferns, and the East Asian perennials hosta and liriope decorate the premises in clean, Japanese-style lines.