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HOTHeart Of Texas
HOTHands-On Training
HOTHigh Occupancy Toll (transportation)
HOTHigher Order Thinking (school system)
HOTHawaii Ocean Time-Series
HOTHUP (Hirschman Uncertainty Principle) Optimal Transform
HOTHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
HOTHeal Over Time (gaming)
HOTHypertension Optimal Treatment
HOTHeating Oil Tank
HOTHero of Time (gaming)
HOTHerd of Turtles
HOTHouse of Tools
HOTHigh-Five of Teenagers (band)
HOTHawaiian Ocean Time
HOTHouse Of Toast
HOTHome of Tomorrow
HOTHighly Optimized Tolerance
HOTHorizontal Output Transistor
HOTHigh Output Turbo (Saab)
HOTHome Order Television
HOTHerd of Thunder (marching band; University of South Florida;Tampa, FL)
HOTHouse of Trust (song)
HOTHat-On-Tight (jailer's term for arrestee about to be released)
HOTHot Springs, AR, USA - Memorial Field (Airport Code)
HOTHead of Terms
HOTHeroine of Time
HOTHits on Track (high energy physics)
HoTHall of Testing (Everquest, gaming)
HOTHeight Over Terrain
HOTHierarchical Octet Tree (computer science)
HOTHealth-Oriented Telecommunications
HOTHolographic One-Tube
HOTHot Oil Traced
HOTHigher Order Term (mathematics)
HOTHerald of Truth (ministry)
HOTHelping Our Teachers (various schools)
HOTHelp Our Troops
HOTHome and Office Technology (Atlanta, GA)
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asked Phebe, nearly dropping a pail of hot water in her dismay, for she knew nothing of sickness, and Dolly's suggestion had a peculiarly dreadful sound to her.
It was a hot California night, and though the windows were thrown wide, the room, with its red-hot ironing-stove, was a furnace.
At the same moment the left hand held up the body of the shirt so that it would not enter the starch, and at the moment the right hand dipped into the starch - starch so hot that, in order to wring it out, their hands had to thrust, and thrust continually, into a bucket of cold water.
You'll be hot and disagreeable by tea-time, we shall be cool and sweet," put in Hirst.
Choosing a hot spring in Beitou from among so many choices can be overwhelming.
In a cotton advisory released by media liaison unit of Punjab Agriculture department on Tuesday, experts said that surveys being conducted by Pest Warning and Quality Control of Pesticides wing of the Agriculture department have shown a surge in Jassid incidence and minor increase in hot spots of other pests and bollworms including white fly.
In a release issued by media liaison unit of Punjab agriculture department, experts said Pest Warning and Quality Control of Pesticides (PCQCP) wing of agriculture department has witnessed some hot spots in cotton rich districts.
2 : having or causing the sensation of an uncomfortably high degree of body heat <This sweater is too hot.
From the Hot Banana interface, site publishers can now send Web pages, portions of Web pages and even entire Web sites to an XML-compatible translation memory system (TMS), such as DejaVu, Trados or SDLX.
Specializes in hot runner, unscrewing and stack molds for closures (dispensing, tamper-evident, and child resistant).
When Walsh woke, he knew he would open Cupid's Hot Dogs.
We report the first case of a patient with chronic granulomatous dermatitis caused by a rarely described organism, Mycobacterium intermedium, which was associated with exposure in a home hot tub.