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HOTBEDHanding on Tradition by Electronic Dissemination (UK)
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Mr Garside said: "I chose Hotbed because I am a real convert to its unique, innovative investment model.
The Pharm Country Hotbed features a 'Who's Who' of the bioscience and pharmaceutical industry, offering a striking portrait of the area's thriving life sciences community," said Emily Chereck, BioSpace product manager.
The Hotbed members invested in units of pounds 25,000 and in return they will own around 40 per cent of the company.
While many people think of Colombia as a hotbed of drug wars, only 10 percent of homicides result from drug-cartel activity.
The Sunshine State has long been known to long term care providers as a hotbed of litigation (see "Through the roof," May 2000 CLTC, page 40)--but a Florida appeals court has reined in the state when it comes to lawsuits over nursing home abuse.
The island was a hotbed of political and ideological change; and the images created by Cuban photographers have recorded, reflected and refracted these tectonic paradigm shifts.
In late March, Richard Perle resigned as chairman of the Defense Policy Board, a once-sleepy, bipartisan advisory group that, under Perle's tenure, became a hotbed of neoconservative hawks.
Located in the middle of the South Pacific, 2,250 miles from Chile and 2,171 miles from the Galapagos Islands (its closest neighbors), Easter Island is one of the most isolated inhabited places on Earth and a hotbed of anthropological research.
The area, which many people consider the dividing line between Williamsburg and Greenpoint, is quickly becoming a hotbed of residential development.
She eventually obtained the cash from the Creative Advantage Fund - a public sector led venture capital initiative - and Hotbed Media was born.
Even then the hotbed is really confined to Tyne and Wear.