HOTDHouse of the Dead (Sega game)
HOTDHair of the Dog
HOTDHorns of the Demon (gaming, Gaia Online)
HOTDHigh School of the Dead (manga, anime)
HOTDHottie of the day
HOTDHelm of the Dominator (gaming)
HOTDHands on Test Drive
HOTDHighlight of the Day
HOTDHome of the Underdogs (gaming website)
HOTDHead of Train Device
HOTDHeroine of the Dragon
HOTDHID (Hughes Identification Devices) on the Desktop (information technology security)
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This RFI is seeking alternatives for HOTD, located in Washington D.
Originally built in 1933, the HOTD complex is comprised of several interrelated systems including steam generation, chilled water generation, combined heat and power, and steam and chilled water distribution conveyed within 12 miles of tunnels and buried lines.
HOTD -- (Owen and Schmidly, 1986) Mean number of days per year with an average temperature greater than 89[degrees]F.