HOTLHeroes of the Lance (gaming)
HOTLHouse of the Lord
HOTLHandel on the Law (talk radio show)
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Todos los microorganismos se caracterizaron mediante tincion de Gram, prueba de oxidasa y cultivo en los medios TSI, LIA, SIM, MacConkey y agar sangre, empleando como microorganismos de control Pseudomona aeruginosa (positivo) y Serratia marsence (negativo) (Krieg y Hotl, 1984).
Over the hills and past the rainbow lies that El Dorado of Democrats' dream: the fabled "Heritage of the left" (HotL), the hoped-for think-tank, or really talk-tank, that would be a stable for progressive talking heads competing with right-wing gabbers on cable TV.
A copy of the new TRI Lead Rule and updated forms can be found on EPA's TRI homepage at or by contacting EPA's Emergency Planning and Community-Right-to-Know Hotl ine at 800/0202.
Since Hotl is a root segment, we should be able to find the specific root occurrence directly.
RALLYING calls for Scottish supporters to unite behind our clubs in Europe look like they have fallen on deaf ears HOTL NEIt may have been a noble idea in principle but there were very few patriots calling yesterday's Hotline.