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HOTPHMAC based One Time Password Algorithm
HOTPHot Off the Press
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HOTP (HMAC - One Time Password algorithm) described in RFC4226 standard, is based on two fundamental things: a shared secret and a moving factor (counter).
The proposed SeSIP method adopts HOTP SIP authentication, for the authentication of each active session.
7 shows an example of the password created with the HOTP algorithm [5] in the Call-ID of the SIP message header.
Example of a SIP Message including HOTP Call-Id INVITE sip: mn_2@hs.
In addition, the HOTP authentication method [5] used in the proposed architecture is an event synchronization method that performs client authentication through a single handshake.
Both are also based on the OATH HOTP algorithm and all three products can be either time or event based.
Additionally, OATH will be demonstrating the HOTP certification profiles for both client and server in action during the RSA Conference in San Francisco.