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HOTPHMAC based One Time Password Algorithm
HOTPHot Off the Press
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Both are also based on the OATH HOTP algorithm and all three products can be either time or event based.
Additionally, OATH will be demonstrating the HOTP certification profiles for both client and server in action during the RSA Conference in San Francisco.
OATH Challenge-Response Algorithm (OCRA) - This work item adds support for challenge response based authentications and short digital signatures, based on the existing HOTP algorithm (RFC 4226).
ActivIdentity's strong authentication platform is designed to support current and future releases of the OATH HOTP algorithm, and aligns with the company's strategic commitment to industry standards.
The ActivIdentity Authentication SDK enables the rapid development of OATH HOTP algorithm-based solutions for efficient deployment of OATH tokens as well as flexible initialization and management capability after issuance to users.
Any hardware manufacturer or software developer can implement HOTP to create interoperable authentication devices and software agents.
OATH's endorsement of the submission of the HOTP algorithm specification represents a crucial first step toward the ubiquity of strong authentication.
The HOTP algorithm is a cost-efficient and secure building block for one-time password authentication systems.
HOTP can be implemented by any hardware manufacturer or software developer to create interoperable authentication devices and software agents.
The simplicity of the HOTP One-Time Password algorithm makes it very fast and easy to implement, thus reducing product time-to-market.