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He'll end up by becoming a wizard--or a warrior!" (hotR I.12.208).
It has been treasured by his heirs when all other heirlooms were lost; for it was spoken of old among us that it should be made again when the Ring, Isildur's Bane, was found" (hotR II.2.247).
(hotR V.2.781) This is perhaps the longest and most elaborate quotation of a prophecy in the text, and the reader cannot ignore it.
42-43 hautrartham rgvedo vyakarisyate: "the Rg-veda as the artha of hotr's domain shall be explained"); and, "with the help of explanations of both Brahmanas and Kalpa-sutras and the two Mimamsas ...," for Sayana brahmanam kalpasutre dve mimamsam vyakrtim tatha / udahrtya ...
7.16): tasya ha visvamitro hotasa (33) asa Visvamitra was the Hotr of it.
Geldner ubersetzt: "Wie wollen jetzt beide abermals miteinander daruber reden, da mir der [LANGUAGE NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] gebracht ist, um wie der Hotr den lieben vorzukosten." In der Anmerkung sagt er: "Der Soma ist gemeint, den der Patient trinkt.
He was born in Manus' establishment (dhariman) (40)-- Agni, best-worshiping offering-priest (hotr) according to the rule (vrata) of those who are zealous, according to his own rule (vrata).
Vedic ritualists, the descendants of Manus, carry on the age-old tradition (viz., the dhariman) of fire-offering (see below), made possible by Agni's exemplary and benevolent service as the best of offering-makers (hotr), for which he is often praised.
In 26ab it is said: upa hvaye sudugham dhenum etam suhasto godhug uta dohad enam "I call hither this cow easy to milk; and a dexterous milker shall milk her." In the Pravargya, according to the srautasutras, this verse is pronounced by the hotr priest when the Pravargya pot is fully heated and has been worshiped, and the adhvaryu sets out to milk the cow.
While all relevant yajurvedic sources place it in the context of "watching the heated pot," the rgvedic srauta sources make this verse, or rather RV 10.177.3, which is identical, [37] part of the long recitation of the hotr priest that accompanies the heating and fanning of the pot by the adhvaryu and his helpers; this episode immediately precedes the watching and worshiping of the pot.
While the other priests, such as the adhvaryu and hotr, perform the ritual actions and recite, the brahman follows the ritual mentally.