HOTRCHeart of Texas Retriever Club
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The only difference between HOTRC and Parliament is that Lucien isn't smart enough to fiddle the expenses.
In the present Internet-based demonstration, two users with preloaded HOTRC software play the virtual rowing game using dial-up connections to the Internet through a commercial ISP.
But more development and testing effort is required, particularly in the area of streamlining the user set-up procedures, in order to support a multi-station HOTRC demonstration on our IC3D Web site, as planned.
These are described on our IC3D web site, which also contains a scaled-down version of HOTRC.
The success of the HOTRC demonstration shows how this powerful architecture can help establish next-generation collaborative 3D applications for education, commerce and communication, as well as for entertainment.
Head of the River Challenge, or HOTRC, was created together with Shout Interactive of San Francisco as a proof-of-concept demonstration of Perceptronics' InterGame Framework.