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HOTUHome of the Underdogs (abandonware gaming)
HOTUHordes of the Underdark (computer game)
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Tambien fue preocupacion de la Sociedad portena canalizar los medios para el adelanto de la escuela de Rapa Nui, y de no menos importancia fue el apoyo permanente a los "fugados" de la isla (entre ellos Alberto Hotus y Valentin Riroroko).
Municipalidad de Isla de Pascua/ Tavana o Rapa Nui); Jose Abimereka Pacomio (empresario turistico de Hanga Roa); Maria Victoria Haoa "Viki" (fundadora de la Corporacion de Resguardo Cultural "Mata Nui a Hotu a Matu'a o Kahu-Kahu o Hera" y del Departamento de Lengua y Cultura Rapa Nui en el Colegio Intercultural Bilingue Lorenzo Baeza Vega); Fatima Hotus Hey (directora de la Biblioteca Municipal de Rapa Nui).
We Biku We Biku Nee ita hotu hotu niakan Belongs to us all Ita hotu hotu All of us Biku iha nia Are piled up there.
These were the ones that initiated the tourist industry on Easter Island and they represent seven explorers who visited the island for the first king, Hotu Maku'a, before he arrived himself.
The last two moon symbols, marked 29 and 30, named Hotu and Hiro, appear to be intercalary nights, inserted as needed to maintain the accuracy of the calendar, which alternated 29-day and 30-day months (a lunar month is actually 29.
El Ariki, titulo real recibido de Hotu Matu'a, que dirigio la primera inmigracion en el siglo IV, lo llevaba ahora un viejo rey que habia entregado su poder sobrenatural llamado mana a los espiritus de las tinieblas.
Uka A'Hei A'arero's husband, who claimed direct descent from the legendary founder Hotu Matu'a, was one of those abducted by Peruvian slave raiders in 1862.
And Hotu laughed, but up behind his eyes Leapt misery and pride and mock of death And some strange savage thought that caught his breath, And stood there in his face as sharp and clear As broadened blade and shade of passing spear.
According to tradition, King Hotu Matu'a colonized Easter Island after traveling there from the legendary island that the natives called Hiva, possibly located in the Marquesas Islands.
When he tried to prevent Vidadubha from attacking Sakyans, he chose to stay under a leafless tree in the Sakyan territory rather than under a shady tree in the Kosala territory; when asked by Vidadubha why he did so, he answered: hotu, maharaja, natakanam chaya nama sxtala (Dhp-a I 356-357) ("Let it be, great king, the shade of the relatives is cool.
Smoking cessation education is available, however, from the Heart Foundation, Te Hotu Manawa Maori and the Quitline.