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HOTUHome of the Underdogs (abandonware gaming)
HOTUHordes of the Underdark (computer game)
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We Biku We Biku Nee ita hotu hotu niakan Belongs to us all Ita hotu hotu All of us Biku iha nia Are piled up there.
Modern descendants are found only in Dardic: Pasai sut 'sour', Khowar sut 'sour', sutu 'buttermilk', suti 'sourness', Kashmiri hotu 'decayed, tainted', Indus Kohistani suth 'very sour; a vinegar made from apricots'.
Kyphosus cinerascens, Un ejemplar, IZUA-PM-1433, Hotu Iti (Isla de Pascua), 18 Septiembre, 1991.
(2) From the island's oral traditions, the first king of Easter Island was Hotu Matu'a, and many Rapa Nui scholars believe that he truly existed.
Oral tradition reports that it travelled on the canoe of the first mythical king, Hotu Matua (Metraux 1971:17).
Lately, former HotU President Laurie Foster has been hunting for pukas.