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HOUHouston, TX, USA - Houston Hobby Airport (Airport Code)
HOUHeavy Oil Upgrading
HOUHellenic Open University (Greece)
HoUHordes of the Underdark (gaming, Neverwinter Nights Expansion Pack)
HOUHands-On Universe (educational program; University of California, Berkeley)
HOUHanoi Open University (Hanoi, Vietnam)
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Bygrave's conviction that there was a lurking taint of insanity in the hou sekeeper's blood had recurred to his memory, and he had left the room at the first opportun ity.
By this order, in half an hou everything was ready for the night.
She gave the necessary directions for packing the trunks overnight, and decided on leaving Mablethorpe Hous e with Mercy the next morning.
Moy) has pronounced that law to be good--and the decision has since been confirmed by the supreme authority of the Hous e of Lords.
Imphal (Manipur) [India], Oct 12 ( ANI ): Manipur, known for its rich culture and harmonious co-existence of various ethnic groups, recently celebrated the festival of 'Mera Hou Chongba' at Manipur Royal Palace (Sana Konung) in Imphal at a large scale.
But Olivarez-Ilas, who won a tournament on the ICTSI Ladies Philippine Golf Tour last year, will have to work extra hard to close in on Huang, Hou and Hu (71s).
With joint American and Taiwanese nationality, Hou has over 20 years' experience in international hospitality and higher education organisations in the USA, Asia and Europe.
His topics are Hou's odyssey, Zhu Taiwan and the sotto voce of gendered expression, comparing Hou Hsiao-hsien and Ozu Yasujiro, the muted interstices of testimony, time and teleology in Hou's films of quest and disillusionment, and what is said and left unsaid in his period adaptations.
But The Assassin is also a wuxia film by Hou Hsiao-hsien.
Poco apreciado en su pais, tanto por su falta de correccion politica como por su estetica complicada, Hou es un favorito de la critica occidental, ya que es considerado por algunos como el mas grande cineasta vivo.
Hou has joined the company as executive vice president (EVP) and chief technical officer (CTO), as of the same day.
An elaborate re-creation of imperial life during China's Tang dynasty, the film--which won Hou a directing prize at Cannes and will represent Taiwan in the foreign-language Oscar race--is by far his most expensive (at $15 million) and logistically complicated undertaking.