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HOVAHall on Virginia Avenue (George Washington University)
HOVAHeart of Virginia Aviation (est. 1992; Ashland, VA)
HOVAHoofdofficier Van Administratie (Dutch)
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fi haye aljadid, kana aljav lashak asfa hava mema hova fi almadine va fi alheidarkhane ala vajhe alkhosos."(51)
Only the hova [ordinary caste] consumed [non-royal] human remains ...
Justin Bieber has beaten Taylor Swift by making 58 million dollars to her 55 million dollars, Jay Z and Beyonce both made it to the Top 20, with Beyonce at the 9th position with 53 million dollars and HOVA at no 18 with 42 million dollars.
On his impeccably produced but spiritually empty latest, Hova makes his protegee, Kanye West sound humble in comparison, and that's saying a lot.
(2) CON1 08:30:18 1 Al: yah farah kitnAPound barAPound pAPound rlar hai farah how big the Farah parlor is Farah2 Bl:- hmm3 Al: dekhAPound hovA hai have you seen it4 Bl: - ha::riiI yes5 Al: hAPound rii is se karAPound i thi men jAPound nne vail ne ilfarcl merii yes one of my acquaintances in Alford dyed her hair from that6 Bl:- hmm
AE[currency]KABAT (CyHAN)- Merdan Ayazov, head of the State National Service "Turkmen Hova Yullari" (Turkmenistan Airlines), has paid a visit to Milan, Italy.
His influence is such that the Times Magazine declared the Barclays Center "The House that Hova Built." (Announcements at the arena, on the other hand, deem it "The House that Bruce Built.") "Tonight's a celebration of where I'm from.
The Boss and Hova represent just the tip of the VIP list.
HOVA LENS UK has provided a group of dispensing optician students in Ethiopia with theirfirst "tools of the trade".
After being encouraged to try his hand as a songwriter, he landed the lucrative, chance of a lifetime deal to write for superstar rapper Hova.
The latest in the con games that this Commonwealth Games has come to be synonymous with deals with the procurement of 26 hova courts ( also known as Yonex Sky Courts) for the Siri Fort Sports Complex, the venue of the badminton event.