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HOVAHall on Virginia Avenue (George Washington University)
HOVAHeart of Virginia Aviation (est. 1992; Ashland, VA)
hovaHoofdofficier Van Administratie (Dutch)
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fi haye aljadid, kana aljav lashak asfa hava mema hova fi almadine va fi alheidarkhane ala vajhe alkhosos.
This is the people known as Hova [Merina]'[18] (see also Grandidier and Grandidier[19]).
The Boss and Hova represent just the tip of the VIP list.
HOVA LENS UK has provided a group of dispensing optician students in Ethiopia with theirfirst "tools of the trade".
After being encouraged to try his hand as a songwriter, he landed the lucrative, chance of a lifetime deal to write for superstar rapper Hova.
The latest in the con games that this Commonwealth Games has come to be synonymous with deals with the procurement of 26 hova courts ( also known as Yonex Sky Courts) for the Siri Fort Sports Complex, the venue of the badminton event.
I do not know about any organisation in Bahrain, but my sister Lyn Witheridege, chief executive of the Andrea Adams Trust "committed to preventing workplace bullying" at Hova House, 1 Hove Villas, Hove, East Sussex, UK, might be able to help (lyn@andreaadams trust.
Aided by kind nurse ant Hova, (Roberts), and a sassy forager called Kreela, (King), Lucas learns the error of his ways and some tricks of the insect world.
Aided by nurse ant Hova (Roberts) and a sassy forager called Kreela (King), Lucas learns the error of his human ways.
Zoc is all for killing their captive, but his girlfriend Hova (Julia Roberts) volunteers to help Lucas learn the values of teamwork and selfsacrifice.
Aided by nurse ant Hova (Julia Roberts) and a sassy forager called Kreela, Lucas learns the error of his human ways.
To which end, despite boyfriend Zoc's protests, sassy Hova (Julia Roberts) volunteers to act as the boy's mentor.