HOVIHandbook of Overhaul Instructions
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Early examples of work applying rational choice analysis to treaties include JON HOVI, GAMES, THREATS AND TREATIES: UNDERSTANDING COMMITMENTS IN INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 1 (1998) (discussing "commitment problems in international politics"); John K.
309, 318-19 (2002) (making a similar point with respect to legal scholarship on the public choice theory), with HOVI, supra note 7, at 4-6 (noting that rational choice models do not require that actors be motivated exclusively by self-interest), and TSEBELIS, supra note 49, at 21 (noting that goals amenable to rational choice analysis "may be egoistic or altruistic, idealistic or materialistic"), and id.
MARJA HOVI, Official Veterinary Surgeon in Bristol, found that slaughtered animals for export were going through on the nod and refused to sign certificates saying they were BSE-free.