HPALHigh Pressure Acid Leaching (ore processing)
HPALHealth Physics Analysis Laboratory
HPALHigh Plains Agricultural Laboratory (Sidney, NE)
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The much bigger Goro project in New Caledonia appeared to confirm all the HPAL problems.
However, what has also become clear is that Goro is not typical of the HPAL process.
But Goro is turning out to be the exception rather than the rule when it comes to HPAL projects.
But the relative smooth start-up of the other HPAL projects is leading most analysts to view the technology as site specific in terms of successful operation.
Even though some HPAL projects have had technical difficulties, however, there are nickel deposits that are able to use the technology successfully.
In 2006, ANTAM focused on supporting the mining of the Mornopo mine, which ANTAM opened at the end of 2005, and the exploration of Sangaji will be accelerated in order to anticipate the development of FeNi IV and the HPAL project.
Ravensthorpe was discarded by BHP Billiton after a series of technical difficulties which appeared to reinforce the impression that HPAL was intrinsically a problem technology.
Until Ambatovy and Ramu get to that stage, the question of whether HPAL can be made to work will continue to cloud the nickel supply picture.
While expenses in North America fell by 13 percent primarily as a result of reduced patent and legal costs, this was partially offset by increases at HPAL.
This new agreement replaces a complex arrangement between HPAL and Hyal that has been in force since December 1993.
While expenses in North America fell by 9%, this was partially offset by increases at HPAL.
The increase was related to the Hyanalgese-D clinical trial and to increased activities at HPAL, the Company's Australian subsidiary.