HPASHypermedia Presentation and Authoring System (Compaq)
HPASHigh Peaks Audubon Society (Long Lake, NY)
HPASHimachal Pradesh Administrative Services (India)
HPASHigh Performance Application Server
HPASHealth Plan Administrative System
HPASHome Purchase Advisory Service (Australia)
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Despite the many advantages over HPAS, reliability issues of EPAS are also raising public concerns.
Note that serpentine driving course, which simulates curvy roads with lower speed limits, is considered here because it has been used before for similar testing of vehicle maneuverability upon HPAS failure [28].
As mentioned in the preceding section, the serpentine driving course (illustrated in Figure 4(a)) has been used in a test to examine whether drivers are capable of controlling the vehicle after total failure of HPAS [28].
This includes our HSD Immersion Mills, Multi-Shaft Mixers, Dispersers, HPAS Particle Analysis System, and our CMX-100 Tank Washing System.
When used in conjunction with our HPAS particle size analyzer, paint and coatings manufacturers can achieve more consistent and repeatable product processing," he says.
Anyone currently using only a Hegman Gauge for particle size analysis should consider taking a look at the HPAS system, as it eliminates suggestive results from one person to another," said Murphy.
The HPAS is available as a black and white system or a color system giving users the ability to identify what ingredient is not meeting grind specification.
Establishment of HES / HPAS in CBI-A incl dual grounding on track.