HPATHigh Performance Aircraft Training (Clearwater, FL)
HPATHatch Patterns for AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design)
HPATHomosexual Policy Assessment Team (UK)
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Our identification of Arabidopsis HPAT family arabinosyltransferases shed light on the function of their orthologs in leguminous plants such as Pisum sativum NOD3 and Medicago truncatula RDN1, whose loss-of-function mutants show hypernodulation phenotypes.
Similarly, tomato FIN, whose loss-of-function mutants show fasciated flowers associated with enlarged shoot apical meristems, has also been proved to be an HPAT family protein.
Designed to perform safety checks in accordance with the IEE Code of Practice (4th Edition) the lightweight HPAT Series of rechargeable handheld testers are designed for ease of use, with one button automatic testing and clear connection details shown on the tester.
HPAT FLANAGAN, operations director at Isle Of Man-based Betinternet, is leaving the company at the end of month to return to Ireland.