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HPBHealth Promotion Board (Singapore)
HPBHydraulic Press Brake (equipment)
HPBHistoric Preservation Board (various locations)
HPBHrvatska Poštanska Banka (Croatian Post Bank)
HPBHealth Promotion and Behavior (Georgia)
HPBHalf Price Books (retail store)
HPBHealth Professions Building (various universities)
HPBHigh Ping Bastard (gaming)
HPBHigh Pressure Blower (various companies)
HPBHuskies Pep Band (Michigan Technological University)
HPBHooper Bay, AK, USA (Airport Code)
HPBHeirloom Preservation Bag
HPBHeated Build Platform (printing)
HPBHealth Protection Branch, Canada
HPBHelping Phriendly Book
HPBHigh Performance Business
HPBHigh Ping Bait (gaming)
HPBHollywood Pictures Backlot (Disney's California Adventure)
HPBHepatic-Pancreatic-Biliary (oncology)
HPBHenry Paul Band (1979-1983)
HPBHydraulic Pressure Booster
HPBHull Power Box (A3 Bradley)
HPBHigh Plains Biker
HPBHarbor Patrol Boat
HPBHampshire Police Band
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El proposito de este estudio es describir los caracteristicas psicopatologicas y los perfiles neuropsicologicos de HPB de una poblacion "paisa", conocer la frecuencia de TAB en esta poblacion en riesgo y describir las formas subsindromicas que los caracterizan.
The main components of HPB include HPP, the purchase price of rice by BULOG to farmers or in accounting terms is the cost of goods sold.
With HPB agents (Figure 3), the cysts appear as hypointense in all phases.
Los animales restantes fueron inicialmente clasificados de acuerdo a la ecogenicidad, volumen y morfologia de la glandula prostatica como normales o anormales, incluyendo en este ultimo grupo aquellos con HPB y PC [15, 17].
Con base en los resultados anteriores, seria razonable afirmar que una dieta rica en tomate o en su salsa podria resultar protectora contra el desarrollo de HPB sintomatica, especialmente cuando se la ingiere a dosis por encima de 15 mg de licopenos por dia.
It has been suggested that the internalisation of such norms of masculinity reduces the likelihood of engaging in HPB.
For further information contact HPB Management Ltd: HPB House, Newmarket, Suffolk CB8 8EH.
49 wt%) of the rigid-rod organic compounds HPHB, HPB, BSPA, and NPT were added separately into individual reaction mixtures, followed by the temperature being elevated to 120[degrees]C.
HPB is available immediately on International's RXT, 3200, 4200 4x4 and 4000 Series 4x2 models.
Multiple regression was used to identify sociological influences on HPB, indicating that a significant variance in HPB was predicted by two variables: (1) New York Heart Association classification level (negative association), and (2) a history of diabetes mellitus (DM).
Investors pay a lump sum, often on the advice of a financial advisor, for HPB 'points' to spend each year on holidays in the portfolio of properties.