HPBAHearth, Patio & Barbecue Association
HPBAHamlin Park Baseball Association (Chicago, IL)
HPBAHyde Park Business Association (Canada)
HPBAHopping Pilot Beacon
HPBAHighly Polar Bile Acid Metabolite
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It's so easy to enjoy a roaring fire while keeping a few easy safety tips in mind," suggests Pat Rosengren, Executive Director of the HPBA Pacific Region encompassing California, Nevada, and Hawaii.
HPBA President Jack Goldman says the increased shipment numbers reflect the popularity of the new outdoor living trend.
The HPBA effort to grill the Thanksgiving turkey also includes a direct mail and e-mail drive to retailers encouraging them to participate in educating consumers about cooking their turkeys outdoors.
The rating reflects the structural mitigants to several sovereign and bank risks associated with HPBA, allowing the rating of the securitization to reach 'A'.
Specifically, HPBA advises owners of all gas fireplaces, stoves and inserts that have glass fronts to observe these safety tips:
When planning to use the grill, smoker or fryer to prepare any or all of the feast, HPBA encourages consumers to review all safety information prior to cooking.
According to the HPBA, high-end, built-in and premium gas grills will continue to see double-digit sales increases, with revenues from various grill accessories -- from grill tools to patio lights -- expected to be close to $4 billion.
More than one-third of Americans plan to cook some part of their Thanksgiving meal outdoors this year," said Leslie Wheeler, HPBA Communications Director.
More than 12,000 attendees visited the HPBA Expo in Atlanta, with about 450 companies exhibiting there.
Following the pending legal and operational completion of the merger, Banistmo will cease to exist as a legal entity and HPBA will assume all of Banistmo's rights and obligations under the Trust's transaction documents.
However, higher-end charcoal grills are finding a niche in that market, according to HPBA, as foodies dedicated to real charcoal flavor are willing to spend more money on charcoal grills.
Unfortunately, some of the standards proposed for the appliances do not meet the government's duty to set standards based on data that show both a tangible benefit to consumers and cost-effectiveness," said Jack Goldman, President & CEO of HPBA.