HPBBHigh-Pressure Bioscience and Biotechnology (journal)
HPBBHoliday Park Bass Busters (fishing club; Pennsylvania)
HPBBHuman Peripheral Blood Basophils
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The Sumatra HPBB networks built with an investment of Rp 650 billion covers the Medan-Pekanbaru-Jambi-Talang Kelapa Palembang-Bandar Lampung-Jakarta line and those of Pekanbaru-Bukit Dangas Batam andn ruas Pekanbaru-Padang.
The commissioning of the HPBB optic fiber system was made at the same time with the commissioning of a joint operation project between Telkom-Singapore Telecommunication Limited (Singtel) and The Telecommunication Authority of Thailand (CAT) to build Thailand's international submarine cable communications system Songkhla--Indonesia's Batam--Singapore's Changi (TIS) development of the networks is to anticipate growing demand for data communication traffic to follow advancing internet technology advance.