HPBMCHuman Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell
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When Co[Cl.sub.2]-treated hUCB-MSCs were cocultured with allogeneic hPBMCs or PHA, the proliferation and cluster formation of T cells decreased compared with that of naive hUCB-MSCs (Figures 1(a) and 1(b), and Supplementary Figure 1).
To examine this possibility, the potential of miR to regulate hUCB-MSCs in an inflammatory environment was analyzed using the miR array, which revealed altered expression of more than 49 miRs between populations of hUCB-MSCs and hPBMCs + hUCB-MSCs.
P: hPBMCs; P *: allogeneic hPBMCs as stimulator; H: phytohemagglutinin; MSC: naive hUCB-MSCs; CoMSC: Co[Cl.sub.2]-pretreated hUCB-MSCs.
To see whether PGRN suppresses T cell proliferation, hPBMCs were treated with PHA in the presence or absence of PGRN.
hPBMCs were stimulated by PHA and incubated with PGRN at concentrations of 2, 20, and 200 ng/ml for 5 days (a).