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Cortez was hopeful the target for the proposed HPBS in Davao City will be implemented in 2021 although Mayor Sara Duterte-Carpio wants it in the next two years.
for allowing Turbine Truck Engines the ability to access its on-site HPBS unit during operations for the completion of certification.
The full implementation of HPBS may take place by 2020 or 2021, he said.
He said the HPBS requires three to six operators and local bus operators are welcome to bid for as long as they meet the specifications of the bus system, including the number of the bus fleet.
Earlier this month, Mayor Duterte said she had asked the LTFRB to delay the implementation of a jeepney modernization program, at least until the full implementation of the city's HPBS.
The mayor said she would prefer if those who do not participate in the HPBS system run the modernized PUJ program.
Davao City will be piloting the creation of a mass transport system through its HPBS, as Metro Manila and other areas aim to modernize the jeepneys.
Under the proposed HPBS, existing jeepney operators may sell old jeepneys for scrap amounting to an estimated R80,000 depending on the prevailing price of scrap metal.
Mayor Duterte has been vocal about her support for the HPBS system.
Speaking ahead of The Big 5 2017, Bashar Abou-Mayaleh, managing director of Concrete Industries Complex (CIC) - which includes HPBS, HBF, and EB - discusses demand for his group's products and services in the Middle East-
Lastly, with Expo 2020 Dubai drawing near, giving consideration to the upcoming developments expected to take place in various sectors, it will not be long before HPBS, HBF, and EB become the preferred total concrete solution providers in the region.