HPBTHollow Point Boat Tail (bullet)
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ACCURACY RESULTS Load Distance Average (yards) Group size (inches) Barnaul 5.45x39mm 100 2.8 55-grain HPBT Groups are an average of four five-shot groups fired from rest.
The same Sierra 55 HPBT at 3,054 fps in the 22-1/2" New England .223 puts three shots in 7/8" at 100 yards, while the Speer 52 HP loads does 3,287 fps and groups in just over 1".
Using the experience gained from the M852's commercial HPBT projectile, a new bullet was developed.
Prime's 130-grain HPBT produced this 0.30-inch, 100-yard group (below).
And the 77-grain HPBT? Zeroed at 200 yards, it drops 6.3 inches at 300 yards, 18.6 inches at 400 yards, and 37.9 inches at 500 yards.
These consisted of my personal favorite, Black Hills Ammunition's 175-grain Match, as well as three others: Federal's highly regarded 175-grain Gold Medal Match, Hornady's 168-grain HPBT Match and Lapua's 185-grain Scenar.
After thanking me for reminding him of a reloading factor he'd temporarily overlooked, the gent purchased several hundred large rifle primers and the same number of 168 grain .30 caliber HPBT jacketed bullets he had allowed to run low.
CHRONO/ACCURACY RESULTS LOAD BULLET VELOCITY (FPS) SD AVERAGE WEIGHT GROUP (GR.) (IN.) HORNADY TAP FPD 110 2,915 7 1.68 REMINGTON CLUB 150 2,700 15 2.50 HORNADV SUPERFORMANCE SST 150 2,784 4 1.50 FEDERAL PREMIUM ACCUBOND 165 2,572 9 1.75 WINCHESTER HPBT MATCH 168 2.516 26 2.00 BLACK HILLS GOLD A-MAX MATCH 178 2,472 9 1.50 Notes: Overall group average was 1.82 inches.
HPBT. This was another very accurate offering I shot in both an Encore and a MOA.
Hornady s Match 196-grain HPBT is a premium, modern load marked "8x57 JS" in reloadable brass.
I tested five types of ammo: Federal American Eagle 50gr JHP in .223 Rem; Federal M193 Ball 5.56 55gr; Blackwater Precision Match Grade .223 in 60gr Hornady VMAX; Blackwater Precision 75gr Hornady ELDM; and Blackwater Precision in 77gr Sierra HPBT. Not surprisingly, given the Galil's 1:7 RH twist barrel, it preferred the heavier bullets.
6.5 CREEDMOOR HANDLOADED AMMO PERFORMANCE BULLET, POWDER CHARGE (BRAND, WEIGHT, TYPE) (BRAND) (GRAINS/WEIGHT) Sierra 123 HPBT Varget 38.0 Sierra 130 TMK RI-17 41.8 Sierra 142 HPBT H4350 41.0 Sierra 142 HPBT RI-16 41.5 BULLET, VELOCITY (BRAND, WEIGHT, TYPE) GROUP (FPS) (INCHES) Sierra 123 HPBT 2,892 1.15 Sierra 130 TMK 2,817 1.27 Sierra 142 HPBT 2,679 0.95 Sierra 142 HPBT 2,728 1.05 Note: Federal 210 Match primers used in Nosier brass.