HPCEHigh-Performance Capillary Electrophoresis
HPCEHigh Performance Computing Europe (NEC)
HPCEHome & Personal Care Europe (Unilever)
HPCEHeterogeneous Parallel Computing Environment
HPCEHot-Plasma Composition Experiment
HPCEHigh Performance Computing Environment
HPCEHigh Power Control Electronics
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In conclusion, the electrophoretic separation and quantification of MDA in human plasma by HPCE has proven to be direct, rapid, sensitive (0.
Analyses were carried out using a Hewlett Packard HPCE system comprising a model HP3DCE apparatus interfaced to a HP Kayak XA workstation and a HP Laser Jet 4000 printer, and equipped with a HP fused silica capillary (# G 1600-61232; total length 56cm; effective length 50cm; i.
On some occasions, in partially digested samples, genotyping by PAGE and by HPCE were in disagreement, but after further digestion, the genotyping by HPCE was confirmed.
Originally considered to be primarily for the analysis of biological macromolecules, HPCE is also useful for the separation of amino acids, chiral drugs, vitamins, pesticides, inorganic ions, organic acids, dyes, surfactants, peptides and proteins, carbohydrates, oligonucleotides, DNA restriction fragments, and even whole cells and virus particles.
Now, however, thanks to lively scientific conferences, such as HPCE '92 held recently in Amsterdam, Netherlands, a wide variety of additional uses for CE are becoming known.
A bigger threat to HPLC comes from HPCE in the area of large biological molecules, as evidenced by much recently published work.
These new ranges of HPCE and PCE connectors from FCI, a leading manufacturer of connectors and interconnect systems, are designed for use in next-generation power supplies especially in server and storage systems.