HPCGHigh Performance Computer Graphics (various locations)
HPCGHandheld Protein Crystal Growth
HPCGHouston Polymer Clay Guild (Houston, TX)
HPCGHarvard Private Capital Group
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The HPCG (High Performance Conjugate Gradient) benchmark measures how fast a computer can solve symmetric sparse linear system equations using the conjugate gradient method preconditioned with a multi-grid symmetric Gauss-Seidel smoother.
According to Jack Dongarra of the University of Tennessee, who developed the benchmark, "The K computer is number one on the HPCG list showing that a well-balanced architecture with a good floating point rate and a good memory transfer rate allows high performance for a wide range of scientific applications.
N-Hance HPCG 1000 (Ashland/Aqualon) (Hydroxypropyl guar 0.