HPCIHigh Performance Computing Infrastructure (Japan)
HPCIHigh Pressure Coolant Injection (nuclear power)
HPCIHome Price Comparison Index
HPCIHigh Performance Computing Initiative
HPCIHarmonized Programmable Communications Interface
HPCIHigh Performance Computing Institute (Arizona State University; Tempe, AZ)
HPCIHuntington Preferred Capital Inc. (Ohio)
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With the exception of the HPCI, these systems contain multiple redundant trains.
Markets that rank nearest to the HPCI national average sales price of $423,950 include Minneapolis ($421,433) and Northampton, Mass.
The company checks the HPCI system every month and conducts annual overall inspections to look for leaks, but had found no problems, it said.
HPCI is providing us with the opportunity to present innovations specifically tailored to the needs of the Turkish and Middle East markets and embark on in-depth discussions with our local customers, says Neslihan Utkan, Regional Business Management Care Chemicals Turkey, Middle East, and North Africa.
Under the research project "The advancement of the accuracy of tsunami prediction" (principal investigator: Fumihiko Imamura; project number: hp140222), which is a project of the HPCI Strategic Program for Innovation Research Field 3, "Advanced Prediction Researches for Natural Disaster Prevention and Reduction,"(2) advanced by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT), Fujitsu Laboratories and Tohoku University have investigated the feasibility of using their parallelized tsunami model for real-time flood analysis, making full use of the computational power of the K computer(3) to perform highly efficient parallel computations.
To apply the simulator toward composite disaster forecasting of a tsunami caused by a major earthquake, the researchers plan to use it in the Strategic Programs for Innovative Research (HPCI), promoted by MEXT, in which one of the themes is improved tsunami forecasting techniques using the HPCI computer with the aim of helping make Japan more resilient to disasters.
We also want to promote the latest academic research in various fields, including emerging research and even practical research, and to contribute to the advancement of Japan's HPCI system.
15-16: 4th HPCI CEE Congress, The Warsaw International Expocentre, EXPO XXI, Warsaw, Poland.