HPCMPHigh Performance Computing Modernization Program (DoD)
HPCMPHigh-Performance Computer Monitoring Project
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The Naval Meteorology and Oceanography Command (NAVMETOCCOM) operates the Navy DSRC, one of the five DoD supercomputer centers, on behalf of the DoD HPCMP.
DREN is an essential component of our program, connecting defense researchers located throughout the country with the department's supercomputing resources," said John West, director of the HPCMP.
Challenges such as this are the driving force behind the latest DoD HPCMP procurements for the MSRC.
To prove Linux cluster technology was capable of providing the reliability and power necessary for the HPCMP, Linux Networx spent one year running rigorous benchmarks and tests at the Solutions Center, a state-of-the art testing and evaluation facility located at the Linux Networx headquarters in Salt Lake City.
Salt Lake City, Utah-based Linux Networx will supply a 2,132 processor-based Evolocity II cluster to the Army Research Laboratory's Major Shared Resource Center, although plans for five further HPCMP cluster systems are in the works.
HPCMP resources are used to provide military programs with a competitive advantage for the design, operation and sustainment of new weapons systems; for example, preparing U.
HPCMP Director John West said in a statement, "Supercomputing is a critical enabling technology for the DoD as it continues vital work to improve both the safety and performance of the U.
Christine Cuicchi, Department of Defense High Performance Computing Modernization Program Associate Director for HPC Centers said, The acquisition of these Cray XC40 systems is part of an historic year for the HPCMP.
The HPCMP supports DoD objectives through research, development, test and evaluation.
The HPCMP now has exercised the Year Three option, based on the performance of the software and the flexibility of Altair Engineering in adapting to the needs of the organization's constantly changing environment.
The HPCMP was implemented to help the DoD analyze and overcome its most significant challenges, to improve how the DoD operates through the research of new theories, and to acquire new technology with real-time analysis of critical information to enable more informed decisions.
This marks the third consecutive year that LSI technology has been included in the HPCMP award.