HPCPHewlett-Packard Certified Professional
HPCPHighland Perthshire Communities Partnership (UK)
HPCPHigh Power Cordless Phone
HPCPHigh Performance Computing Project (Rutgers University)
HPCPHistoric Preservation and Community Planning
HPCPHigh-Performance Concrete Pavement (US DOT)
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The method [16] uses techniques from spectral graph theory to make hierarchical segmentation based on a recurrence matrix calculated from MFCC and HPCP features.
Chroma features come in several flavors, and after some experiments, we decided to use HPCP features calculated with the Essentia library [29].
SupplyAccess provides HPCP with the ability to automatically connect to its suppliers without costly onsite application implementation.
The SupplyAccess solution enables HPCP sales representatives to better automate their previous processes to not only gain efficiencies but increase overall sales volume.