HPCRHost Port Control Register
HPCRHigh Pressure Common Rail
HPCRHumanitarian Policy and Conflict Research (Harvard University International Law Research Program)
HPCRHigh Performance Corrosion Resistant (trademark of Abu Garcia)
HPCRHigh Pressure Compressor Rotor (combustion turbine)
HPCRHospital Physicians in Clinical Research (research firm)
HPCRHigh Period Change Rates (astronomy)
HPCRHigh Performance Concrete Reinforcing (manufacturing technology)
HPCRHigh Pressure Chronic Retention (urology)
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In case contaminated fuel is used in a machine, it's best to purchase an extra fuel filter for every Tier 4 HPCR engine equipped machine and keep it on the jobsite.
In this study, we examine the impacts of exposing B20 biodiesel blends to HPCR conditions in vehicles, as well as the stability of fuel during storage in the fuel tank to evaluate the adequacy of the oxidation stability minimum for protecting modern engine designs.
5 L offers full-authority electronic controls, two-valve cylinder heads, an HPCR fuel system with electronic fuel injection, and a fixed-geometry turbocharger in turbocharged or air-to-air after-cooled aspirations.
Securing Communities for Reconstruction: Views from Afghan Community Leaders from the Afghan Refugee Community in Zahedan and Mash'had, Iran," HPCR Central Asia: Discussion Summary, Vol.
HPCR is an advanced fuel injection design controlled by the ECU that regulates fuel pressure and injection timing;
Even though the Abu Garcia Soron SX40 has a corrosion resistant body, sealed drag, seven HPCR bearings, stainless hardware and aluminum spools, I gave it a coating of anti-corrosion Nano 386 spray; kayak fishing is hard on tackle.
x] reduction will be achieved by an integrated technology solution consisting of the XPI HPCR fuel system, cooled EGR, advanced electronic controls, improved air handling and Cummins particulate filter aftertreatment.
3 with the sophistication of the Quantum electronics and HPCR fuel system found on the QSB4.