HPCTHigh Performance Computing Toolkit (IBM)
HPCTHampshire Primary Care Trust (UK)
HPCTHematopoietic Progenitor Cell Transplant
HPCTHarrow Primary Care Trust (UK)
HPCTHugh Pilkington Charitable Trust (UK)
HPCTHester Poker Chip Tool (pediatric pain assessment)
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of Positive Positive Individuals Individuals HPCTBI 4 CT 1 HPCTB 2 CTB 1 P 7 PT 1 TBI 1 HPTI 1 B 2 HP 1 PCB 1 PC 1 H 1 HC 1 HPCB 1 PB 1 HPCT 1 C 2 HPC 1 HPBI 1 PTB 1 T 1 H: Hardo; P: Pomona; C: Canicola; T: Tarassovi; B: Bratislavae; I: Icterohaemorrahagiae.
Fourteen children who underwent HPCT during the study period received Defibrotide for the treatment of VOD.
0 for Linux on IBM Power(TM), the IBM HPCT is also offered as a standalone product and will be generally available exclusively from Absoft in December, 2005.