HPDCHigh Performance Distributed Computing
HPDCHp Development Company
HPDCHigh Pressure Die Casting (metal casting technique)
HPDCHolden Performance Driving Centre (sportscar racing; Norwell, Queensland, Australia)
HPDCHigh Performance Driving Course (Grand Prix auto racing)
HPDCHarry Potter Dialogue Centre
HPDCHigh Performance Data Conditioning
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The fundamental difference between HPDC and low-pressure casting is that in HPDC, the steel forming tool can be used repeatedly (generally producing 80,000 parts or more before replacement) whereas the low pressure method usually sacrifices all or part of the tool (made of compressed sand mixed with binding agents) with each part produced.
In this patient, the presence of a large anterior sacral meningocele altering the bladder anatomy affected performance of the HPDC.
HPDC was also ordered to settle their arrears amounting to $146, 174.
HPDC's Brukman says hundreds of manufacturers are exploring and publishing HPDs, but that HPDC doesn't maintain a database of completed ones.
Dan Martin, president and CEO of HPDC, said his group worked with the bank that controlled the mortgage on the building, with the goal of preserving affordable housing.
Lumley said: "It's an attractive option because the HPDC process is more cost-effective than other manufacturing methods in mass production, and the net increase in design strength post-treatment may allow castings to be made using up to 30% less metal:
Reed, "Autopilor: Adaptive Control of Distributed Applications," in HPDC, 1998, pp.
Since the mid-1990s, the development of low iron HPDC alloys, along with the high-pressure vacuum die casting, high ductility castings can be produced by the high-pressure process which can match the strength and ductility or permanent mold cast parts.
Comparison of TCP Automatic Tuning Techniques for Distributed Computing, In: HPDC '02: Proceedings of the 11m IEEE International Symposium on High Performance Distributed Computing HPDC-11 20002 (HPDC'02).
Full Spectrum of New York LLC, and The Bluestone Organization--who were honored by HPDC, have devoted time to ensuring that homeownership remains an option for low and middle income families; and that a mass exodus does not occur from the city.
Effect of Wall Thickness and Manganese Additions on the Formation of Intermetallic Iron Phases in New Secondary Alloys Suitable for Vacuum Assisted HPDC (17-024) Andrea Niklas, Rodolfo Gonzalez-Martinez, Sergio Orden, Asier Bakedano, Michel Garat, Ana Fernandez-Calvo, IK4-AZTERLAN (Durango, Spain)