HPDEHigh Density Polyethylene
HPDEHigh Performance Driving Event
HPDEHigh Performance Driving Experience (Limerock, CT)
HPDEHigh Performance Driving Education (motorsports)
HPDEHuman Pancreatic Ductal Epithelial Cell (medicine)
HPDEHuman Pancreatic Duct Epithelium
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CONCLUSIONS: Chronic cadmium exposure produced multiple tumor cell characteristics in HPDE cells and CCE cell-derived spheres.
Consumers seeking a minimal environmental impact would do best switching to the white HPDE plastic milk jugs, which are highly recyclable, rather than the paper gable-style cartons, when the reusable bottles are finally gone, the recycling experts say.
Actualmente diferentes centros de investigacion adelantan averiguaciones conducentes a reemplazar materiales granulares por desperdicios plasticos, basandose en los principios de los polimeros industrializados, prueba de ello son estudios como el "Fatigue behavior of a pavement foundation with recycle agregate and waste HPDE strips" (Ref [2] Sobhan, Unale, 2003), "Evaluacion de las propiedades asfalto-caucho para utilizacion en pavimentacion asfaltica" (Ref [3] Ola, Sandra, 2000) y "Use of plastic for porous asphalt mixture design" (Ref [4]Reyes, Oscar 2003) entre otros.
With 125 crewmen from Robinson Construction installing the six-inch and eight-inch steel pipe, as well as the six-inch HPDE lines in some areas, the work has been done quickly.
Materials are low density polyethylene, high density polyethylene or amber HPDE resins.
An HPDE flange was fused onto both ends of each section with a ductile iron follower gland to permit a bolted connection.
To investigate how the modality of the MWD affects melt strength, two high molecular weight HPDE resins with similar flow rates (10g/10min) were selected.
This unique morphology presents great possibility for the good wettability with HPDE in the melt state.
The tracks are coloured dark brown and moulded in HPDE, with 60 percent of the virgin production recycled into the moulding process as regrind.
Service Pump and Compressors provided six, 8-inch pumps and three sets of 18-inch HPDE pipe for a total length of 4,000 feet.
The Skyline Bollard is manufactured from 1/4 thick HPDE plastic, fits over any standard 6” bollard post, and is available in virtually any color.