HPDLHigh Pressure Decorative Laminate
HPDLHuman Periodontal Ligament
HPDLHale Page Diamond Lake (Minneapolis, MN community organization)
HPDLHigh-Powered Diode Laser
HPDLHawaiian Plant DNA Library (est. 1992)
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HPDL fibroblasts were seeded at a density of 100,000 cells/well in 6-well plate and incubated for 24 h.
HPDL fibroblasts were seeded at a density of 50,000 cells/well in a 6-well plate and incubated for 24 h (15).
No statistically significant differences were observed for the expression of the proinflamatory cytokines IL1A, IL6, IL8 and TNF and bone formation genes ALP, COL1 and RUNX2 in HPDL cells treated with PC 15% or MTA or control cells (Figure 6).
The presence of calcified mineral deposits, represented as dark nodules, was observed in the HPDL cells treated with PC, PC 15% and MTA (Figure 7).
In this study, the first goal was to compare the adhesion and growth of each cell type (hGF, hPDL, hRDC, and rCalB) on the two commercially available membranes.
In this preliminary experiment, one-way ANOVA, with the post hoc analyzed with a Duncan's test, was selected and used to compare the cell growth of hGF and hPDL, hRDC, and rCalB on the chitosan films.
The hPDLs and hRDCs were derived from an extracted wisdom tooth in the clinics as a medical waste.
On the two different chitosan membranes, the adhesion and growth patterns of the periodontal cells of hGFs, hPDLs, and hRDCs, as well as the bone cells of rCalBs, were statistically similar [Figure 1].
A 72 h exposure of hPDL cells to HMGB1 resulted in a significant increase of PDL cell proliferation.
HMGB1 challenge led to an increased migration of hPDL cells through the transwell filter.
Differentiation experiments demonstrated a significant impact of HMGB1 on the respective parameters in hPDL cells.
The analysis of HMGB1 for its capacity to modulate the osteogenic differentiation of hPDL cells revealed an upregulation of ALP specific activity in response to HMGB1 by approximately factor 2.2 (Figures 4(a) and 4(b)).