HPDMHigh Performance Data Mining (workshop)
HPDMHp (Hewlett-Packard) Device Manager (software)
HPDMHewlett Packard Device Manager (software)
HPDMHybrid Plume Dispersion Model
HPDMHarry Potter Draco Malfoy (slash fanfiction pairing)
HPDMHigh Performance Digital Media
HPDMHigh-Performance Data Management
HPDMHealth Policy Decision Makers
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The HPDM works as a junction box to connect HV components and an external off-board DC fast charger.
The HPDM was first used to optimize flow rates for maximum performance over the range of compressor speeds and appropriate associated source/sink temperatures.
Once the control approaches and calibration equations were complete, we used the HPDM to generate performance maps (i.
Next a high-efficiency two-capacity 2-ton (7 kW) ground source heat pump with desuperheater (GSHPwDS) was modeled in HPDM, which was calibrated based on manufacturer's lab data as was done for the GSIHP case.
HPDM currently has more than 60 new developments in its pipeline, with more than 1,100 units, totaling over $1.
HPDM projects accounted for 58 percent of all units entering into contract in Brooklyn in Q3--the most of any other firm.
All data in the report is provided by HPDM and researched by Matthew Petrallia, HPDM's Director of Market Research and Analytics.
We are pleased to have achieved record yields of $61 per square foot in such a short period of time," said Brendan Aguayo, senior vice president and managing director of HPDM.
The HPDM team was instrumental in creating a strategic marketing plan that would attract tenants looking for a high-quality home with top-of-the-line amenities in a great location, at value pricing when compared to similar product in other neighborhoods.
Brooklyn is continuing to emerge as a major market for new developments," said Robin Schneiderman, managing director of business development at HPDM.
We have just completed a total rebranding for Halstead Property Development Marketing," said HPDM president Stephen Kliegerman.
New management staff to the HPDM team includes Brendan Aguayo, managing director, who joined the company last year.