HPDSHigh Potential Development Scheme (UK)
HPDSHyde Park Day School (Illinois and Florida)
HPDSHealth Professions Data System (North Carolina)
HPDSHospital and Patient Data System (Washington)
HPDSHigh Performance Data System
HPDSHigh-Performance Distributed System (computer architecture)
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Compared with adults who had a bachelor's degree or other higher education, those with a high school education or less (odds ratio [OR] = 1.7) and those with some college education (OR = 1.6) were significantly more likely to not wear HPDs (Table 2).
Suppose that X is the HPD solution of (1) and B is nonsingular.
The primary objectives of this project are to 1) evaluate perceptions and personal behavior of wearing HPDs and 2) test the effectiveness (either increase or decrease) of worker knowledge following a multifaceted educational training on noise, hearing protection, and health impacts of hearing loss.
HPDs are a standard format for reporting product content and associated health information of building products and materials.
As amostras das distribuicoes marginais a posteriori para as diferencas entre as estimativas dos parametros A e K (aqueles com interpretacao biologica direta) para cada um dos quatro grupos considerados foram obtidas com o intuito de verificar significancia estatistica por meio do intervalo HPD (Highest Posterior Density) de 95%.
Assume a HFPR, [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], its hesitant preference degree (HPD) is defined as:
Many leading architectural firms, including Chicago's Wight & Co., are excited to have this information available, and are starting to request HPDs from their suppliers.
Julie recommends hunters consider hearing protective devices (HPDs) that come in a variety of styles, including customized, one-size-fits-all earmuffs, and even behind the ear devices.
(20) In a study conducted in a steel rolling mill in Nigeria, the author reported that less than half of the workers properly use their Hearing Protection Devices (HPDs), and attributed this finding to the fact that they were poorly monitored and lacked adequate information.
The systems have totally self-supporting hood positioning devices (HPDs) with 100mm diameter flared hoods equipped with mesh guards.
Table 4 contains information related to participants' use of hearing protection devices (HPDs) when they are around loud sounds.
An understanding of the profile of referral is helpful in the development of clearer criteria for acceptance to a hospital paediatric dental service (HPDS).