HPDTHigh Performance Data Transfer
HPDTHealth Practitioners Disciplinary Tribunal (New Zealand)
HPDTHigh-Performance Data Transfer
HPDTHigh Power Device Test
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In one case involving the physiotherapist, it is of interest to note that the penalty handed out was similar to and based on other cases where a physical sexual boundary had been breached (HPDT 398/Phys10/158P).
In 2006, the Tribunal found that Martin's conviction reflected adversely on her fitness to practise nursing, but rather than cancelling her registration, opted to place strict conditions on her practice (HPDT 45/ Nur05/19P).
She was found guilty of misconduct, had conditions placed on her practice and was ordered to pay costs totalling $15,000 (HPDT 27/OT05/14D).
The physiotherapist was found guilty of wilfully misleading or attempting to mislead the corporation the result of which payment was received (HPDT 96/Phys06/43P).
The second physiotherapy case considered by the Tribunal also related to fraudulent activity, but of a more serious nature (HPDT 76/Phys06/45P).
The case heard by the Tribunal that most closely compares with the two physiotherapists involves an osteopath who was an ACC provider (HPDT 84/ Ost06/42P).
The consistency between the osteopath and the physiotherapists is in marked contrast to the outcome of a hearing concerning the criminal activity of a pharmacist convicted of eighteen charges of forgery and four charges of using a document for pecuniary advantage (HPDT 60/ Phar06/30P).
This order, which represents a modification to a previously awarded contract, includes the production of four High Power Device Test Subsystems (HPDTS) and various Operational Test Program Sets (OPTS) as part of the company's High Power ATE Offload to CASS (HPOC) system.