HPECHigh Performance Embedded Computing
HPECHigh Performance Echo Cancellation
HPECHigh Powered Expert Committee
HPECHealth and Physical Education Council (Alberta Teachers' Association; Canada)
HPECHighland Pony Enthusiasts Club (UK)
HPECHouston Police Equipment Company
HPECHealth and Physical Education Certification (University of Louisiana at Monroe)
HPECHumanitarian Physicians Empowerment Community
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(95.) HPEC Report, supra note 47, at 18; Rao & Bird, supra note 32, at 203.
O instrumento contempla a ideia de que se podem discriminar peritos dos nao peritos atraves dos diferentes usos das competencias que sao distribuidas dentro das oito dimensoes do questionario (Guia, 2009), sao elas: habilidades perceptivas especificas do contexto (HPEC).
When the head of the Higher Presidential Election Commission (HPEC), Justice Farouq Sultan, announced that Morsi has won, some people were walking on air, while others were deeply despondent.
Shafiq also condemned Brotherhood's protest in Cairo's Tahrir Square.The demonstrations in squares and campaigns of intimidation, which aim to exert pressure on the HPEC (Higher Presidential Election Commission), are rejected by most Egyptians and contradict the basics of democracy.
On Wednesday, the Higher Presidential Elections Commission (HPEC) said that some 400 election complaints had been filed by the two candidates.
| HPEC CAIRO, June 19 (KUNA) -- Chairman of Egypt's Higher Presidential Election Commission (HPEC) Justice Farouq Sultan said Tuesday the commission received up to 400 appeals against the preliminary results of the crucial presidential runoff between former prime minister Ahmad Shafiq and his Muslim Brotherhood rival Mohammad Mursi.
"Tomorrow at 2 pm the high presidential elections committee "HPEC" will close its orders for registration in front of all the presidential hopefuls and in the past 48 hours lots of things took place."
The manufacturing facility selected for the project is CPP's Huabei Petroleum Engineering construction (HPEC) facility at Renqiu in Huabei province, near Beijing.
Also, Harbin Power Plant Equipment Corp (HPEC), the largest manufacturer of its kind in China, announced in June last year that its subsidiary in Qinhuangdao, Hebei province had completed the world's first base station to manufacture AP1000, which will be for both domestic and international supplies, said a spokesman from HPEC.
This book covers the many subsystems and components of high-performance embedded computing (HPEC) systems, addressing design trade-offs, implementation options, and current techniques.
To date MHI, together with HPEC, has received orders for a total of four 1,200 MWe steam turbine generator (STG) packages: two units for the Sanmen NPP in Zhejiang Province in September 2007, and two units for the Haiyang NPP in Shandong Province in January 2008.
Heterophasic propylene-ethylene copolymers (HPEC) containing bis(2,2,6,6-tetramethyl-4-piperidinyl) sebacate (Tinuvin 770) as a hindered amine stabilizer (HAS) were thermally aged at 393 and 433 K.