HPEMHybrid Plasma Equipment Model
HPEMHigh Power Electromagnetics
HPEMHigh Power Electronic Microwave (non-lethal weapons)
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(32) The AFRL has already demonstrated DE systems successfully against Group 1-2 Unmanned Aircraft Systems at Black Dart with MATRIX and MEGA HPEM systems (fig.
An HPEM dazzle technique may destroy a drone, disable the drone temporarily, or "cook" key electronic components and render the drone ineffective.
(33.) HPEM includes the entire spectrum, not just laser or HPM subsets.
(Left) Boeing Compact Laser Weapons System and (right) AUDS HPEM System
The well-known thermodynamical metrics are Weinhold, Ruppeiner, Quevedo, and HPEM as the recentlyproposedmethod.
The generalized HPEM metric with n extensive variables (n [greater than or equal to] 2) has the following form [8587]:
It is notable that HPEM metric is the same as that presented by Quevedo (with the same "-, +, +, ..." signature), but with different conformal factor, and therefore it is expected to enjoy Legendre invariance.
We also find that all divergence points of the Ricci scalar (for HPEM metric) coincide with these three points.
Two-week samples for trace elements and carbon were collected on Teflon and quartz filters, respectively, in Harvard Personal Environmental Monitors (HPEMs) with a 2.5-[micro]m cut size and pump flow rate of 1.8 L/min.
All HI and HPEM measurements were corrected for average blank values.
All of them are called HPEM (High Power Electromagnetism), and it is defined as 'all of electromagnetic environments of electric field above 100V/m' [9-11].