HPEMHybrid Plasma Equipment Model
HPEMHigh Power Electromagnetics
HPEMHigh Power Electronic Microwave (non-lethal weapons)
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32) The AFRL has already demonstrated DE systems successfully against Group 1-2 Unmanned Aircraft Systems at Black Dart with MATRIX and MEGA HPEM systems (fig.
An HPEM dazzle technique may destroy a drone, disable the drone temporarily, or "cook" key electronic components and render the drone ineffective.
Characteristic NPACT Sampling design Location of sites Urban Spatial density in MESA city areas Dense (92-112 sites in each city) Monitoring period 2005-2009 Sampling schedule 2-week average Filter analysis method Analysis method for elements XRF (a) Analysis method for carbon IMPROVE_A TOR (a) Blank correction using backup quartz Yes filter Sampling protocol Sampler type for elements HPEM Sampler type for carbon HPEM Pump flow rate 1.
All HI and HPEM measurements were corrected for average blank values.
All of them are called HPEM (High Power Electromagnetism), and it is defined as 'all of electromagnetic environments of electric field above 100V/m' [9-11].