HPESHyde Park Elementary School (Hyde Park, VT)
HPESHuman Performance Evaluation System
HPESHuman Performance Enhancement System (nuclear energy)
HPESHewlett-Packard Education Services
HPESHigh Performance Energy Systems
HPESHydrogen Platinum Electrode System
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Employee Wellness' at Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) could mean pharmacy products at discounted rates, regular health risk assessments, weekly services by specialist doctors, periodic family runs with fitness monitoring apps keeping a watch, workshops on stress management, Zumba and Bollywood dance workshops.
To anticipate launches and to guarantee that the best launch time window was not missed (i.e., the starting point of the trajectory ending in the as-yet nonexisting but so far only predicted HPEs), a comprehensive set of isopycnic trajectories was predicted twice a day.
FTIR spectra of HPEs and HWPUs thin films coated on KBr disks were performed with a Vertex 70 spectrometer (Bruker, Germany) for a spectral range from 4000 to 400 [cm.sup.-1] at a resolution of 4 [cm.sup.-1] using 40 scans.
Remove the pair of HPEs [s.sub.14] = {0} and [s.sub.41] = {1}, and remove their corresponding preference degrees [[gamma].sub.14] = 0.4, [[gamma].sub.41] = 0.6 in the pair of HFEs ([h.sub.14], [h.sub.41]).
56/MDAG/ PER/10/2209 per October 2009 raised the HPE for CPO and its derivatives to follow the rise in the prices of the commodities in international markets.
NJNG's Home Performance with ENERGY STAR Enhancement Program will offer zero percent financing to assist residential customers implementing HPES audit recommendations.
Hewlett-Packard Education Services UK (HPES) have launches its new Web Enabled Learning (WEL) programme, Microsoft Office XP is one of the latest training packages that is available via this new training medium.
Although HPEs react positively to monetary rewards, non-monetary motivators can have as much impact on them as monetary incentives.
These findings are summarized in Table I for SEs and HPEs separately.