HPETHigh Precision Event Timer
HPETHigh Performance Event Timer (Intel Corp.)
HPETHealthcare Partners of East Texas (Longview, TX)
HPETHolding Pattern Entry Template (aviation)
HPETHigh Precision Event Timers
HPETHelicobacter Pylori Eradication Therapy
HPETHabitat and Population Evaluation Team (US FWS)
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shear rate of the selected SSP-treated HPET and HBP/HPET reactive blends, all of comparable intrinsic viscosity.
Figure 12 shows that the elongational viscosity of the extruded HPET is comparable to that of the HBP/HPET blends, although the elongational viscosity of the blends with the lowest amount of HBP is reduced in the high strain rate regime, with a melt strength diminished to approximately half that of HPET.
On the contrary, the HBP/ HPET blends could be spun at maximum speed without fiber rupture, except the HBP-G2 0.
The elongational viscosity of the blends is essentially controlled by the high molecular masses of HPET chains, whereas the elongational thickening appears to be mostly controlled by the branched HPET chains, in agreement with previous studies on branched polymers [e.