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HPFHigh Pass Filter (electronics)
HPFHours Post Fertilization
HPFHigh-Pressure Freezing (cryofixation)
HPFHigh Power Field (microscopy)
HPFHigh-Power Field (laboratory data)
HPFHorizon Patient Folder
HPFHigh Performance FORTRAN
HPFHp Fonts
HPFHigh Pass Filter
HPFHomeownership Preservation Foundation (Minneapolis, MN)
HPFHighest Possible Frequency
HPFHealth Products and Food (Canada)
HPFHistoric Preservation Foundation (various locations)
HPFHealth Policy Forum (various organizations)
HPFHealth Policy Fellowship
HPFHigh Pressure Feeder
HPFHazardous Processing Facility
HPFHighest Priority First
HPFHuman Powered Flight (aviation)
HPFHorizontal Processing Facility (US NASA)
HPFHalf Past Forever (band)
HPFHaitian Police Force
HPFHeartland Presidential Forum (Iowa)
HPFHeterogeneous Packet Flow
HPFHurley Palmer Flatt (UK engineering consultancy)
HPFHigh Plains Fencing
HPFHazardous Payload Facility (NASA)
HPFHorsepower Factor
HPFHost Parameter File
HPFHomologous Protein Family
HPFHemingway Preservation Foundation
HPFHome Parenteral Feeding
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Zebrafish embryos were exposed to 0, 0.0625, or 0.125 ng/mL of TCDD at the shield stage (~ 6 hpf), as described in the "Waterborne exposure" section of the Methods.
At the early veliger stage (40 hpf), the 5-HT-IR neurons at the apical extreme of the body displayed an elongated flask-shaped form, with a short and thick dendrite bearing two long cilia, by which they reached the surface at the apical region (Figs.
Stages of larval development in Saccostrea echinata, Saccostrea cucullata, Saccostrea glomerata, and Saccostrea forskali, their timing (hpf and days postfertilization, dpf), and mean anteroposterior shell measurement (APM, [micro]m) at each stage.
However, unlike somatic soft tissue leiomyomas, 20% of retroperitoneal/abdominal leiomyomas display low levels of mitotic activity (1-5 mitoses per 50 HPF) [21].
Differing areas of the high power fields (HPF) at 400x magnification were made comparable by a normalization factor, based on current CAP and ITBCC recommendations [23].
Mortalities were primarily observed at the earliest observation following 24 h of exposure (27 hpf), and mortality did not increase substantially post exposure to 75 hpf.
Borderline PT may have a circumscribed or focally invasive border, frequent mitoses (5-9/10 HPF), moderate stromal cellularity, and stromal atypia (Figure, G).
Our new platform blends HPF's Gold Standard Housing Counseling and Financial Coaching programs with the integration of improved consumer engagement technologies (including Web-based advice and financial education programming), and an expanded network of partners to achieve outcomes that benefit homebuyers, their communities and the entire nation.
At the 24 hpf stage, the control (Figure 4(a)) group and the embryos treated with the PC-ANB particles (Figure 4(b)) exhibited a normal development of the eyes, tails, or brain, whereas the embryos treated with the Ag nanospheres (Figure 4(c)) or Ag nanoplates (Figure 4(d)) exhibited shorter body length, spinal column, and the curving of the tail.
At 96 hpf, the controls and the zbves ATGmo-injected embryos were immersed in a fixative solution containing 1.5% glutaraldehyde and 1.5% paraformaldehyde in 0.1 M cacodylate buffer (pH 7.4) for 2h at room temperature.
This article will discuss the method of using a high-pass filter (HPF) and freefall and logic scheme to detect wakeup motion and motionless conditions at one interrupt output pin.
Unfertilized and fertilized eggs contained high level of whole body cortisol that decreased sharply and reached to significantly lower value after 2 h of post fertilization (hpf) and remained almost constant up to 8 -12 hpf.