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HPFHigh Pass Filter (electronics)
HPFHours Post Fertilization
HPFHigh-Pressure Freezing (cryofixation)
HPFHigh-Power Field (laboratory data)
HPFHigh Power Field (microscopy)
HPFHorizon Patient Folder
HPFHigh Performance FORTRAN
HPFHp Fonts
HPFHigh Pass Filter
HPFHomeownership Preservation Foundation (Minneapolis, MN)
HPFHighest Possible Frequency
HPFHealth Products and Food (Canada)
HPFHistoric Preservation Foundation (various locations)
HPFHealth Policy Forum (various organizations)
HPFHealth Policy Fellowship
HPFHigh Pressure Feeder
HPFHazardous Processing Facility
HPFHighest Priority First
HPFHuman Powered Flight (aviation)
HPFHorizontal Processing Facility (US NASA)
HPFHalf Past Forever (band)
HPFHaitian Police Force
HPFHeartland Presidential Forum (Iowa)
HPFHeterogeneous Packet Flow
HPFHurley Palmer Flatt (UK engineering consultancy)
HPFHigh Plains Fencing
HPFHazardous Payload Facility (NASA)
HPFHorsepower Factor
HPFHost Parameter File
HPFHomologous Protein Family
HPFHemingway Preservation Foundation
HPFHome Parenteral Feeding
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Through the Homeowner's HOPE Hotline, HPF provides free, comprehensive financial education and confidential foreclosure-prevention counseling, 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, in more than 170 languages.
Internationally, HPF sources of funding have included a surcharge on alcohol and tobacco products, a levy on social health insurance or value added tax, or the government's general budget (Table 1).
We believe that the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan continues to offer a wealth of compelling investment opportunities and believe that JD Capital under the new leadership of HPF will remain a leading platform for investment in the country and beyond.
Similar to HPF, LPF emphasize technology and infrastructure concentrating on the electronic medical record.
Interestingly, three years ago OFAC granted HPF a license to retrieve 3,000 Hemingway photos and 2,000 documents stored in the finca's basement, in what agency spokeswoman Molly Millerwise told reporters was "licensable for academic and cultural exchanges.
When a patient is scheduled in PHS, a temporary account number is created and sent via HL7 to our McKesson Series hospital information system (HIS) and HPF.
The model HPF 600 can fill and seal 600 standup pouches/min, whereas conventional intermittent-motion pouch fillers run about half as fast.
For comparison, the results for erythrocytes and leukocytes obtained after centrifugation and microscopic analysis of the urinary sediment (0-2 cells/HPF and 0-3 cells/ HPF, respectively) are shown.
Ms Iris Namo, Field Officer with Peoples Dialogue, which offers technical and administrative support to the HPF, said members "have come to realise that a vote is not a house.
The scope of the evaluation encompasses the HPF 1 and 2 (2012 - 2018), and the intended results (outcomes and outputs) as set out in the two logical frameworks for HPF 1 and HPF 2.
7,11,12] Ki-67 index and number of Mitotic figures per 10 HPF are the features used for grading.