HPF4Heparin-Platelet Factor 4
hPF4Anti-Human Platelet Factor 4
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that will allow a more sophisticated interpretation of positive HPF4 test
greater potential for rapid market uptake of HPF4, breathalyzer, cholesterol,
the expansion of its HPF4 and breathalyzer product lines.
products: HPF4, cholesterol tests, and alcohol breathalyzers.
7 to 22 percent of patients who test positive for HPF4 antibodies prior to cardiac surgery, independent of HIT, are at an increased risk for complications.
They screened 1209 cardiac surgery patients in an unselected manner and studied the incidence of HPF4 antibodies through a blood test administered before surgery.
for the PIFA HPF4 test have significantly increased.
not able to recognize the initial revenue from our PIFA HPF4 test in the second
Company to market the HealthTESTA' HPF4 into hospitals where heparin is
biochemical processes involving HPF4 antibodies and HITTS become more fully
Ray Akers, CEO of Akers Biosciences said, "The HealthTEST(R) HPF4 Antibody Assay has been thoroughly studied and evaluated, and we are confident in its performance to accurately identify patients with antibodies to HPF-4, and, therefore, those at risk for developing HITTS.
The HealthTEST(R) HPF4 Antibody Assay is a rapid manual assay and can be easily performed when immediate results are required.