HPFAHampshire Playing Fields Association (est. 1926; UK)
HPFAHollywood Foreign Press Association (est. 1943)
HPFAHigh Performance Fortran Associates (South Lake Tahoe, CA)
HPFAHigh Performance Fortran Application
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The Portfolio was sold by HG Hopkins Holdings, LLC, Hopkins Plaza Financial Associates, LLC, HPFA Managing Co.
Case in point: When the HPFA gang flew to Paris in October for the "Tintin" junket, they also managed to arrange a press conference with exiled director Roman Polanski for "Carnage.
A survey of past early-release HPFA contenders reveals mostly lighter fare, but dramas have been nominated in recent years--"Wonder Boys" (February); "The Horse Whisperer" (May); "The Bridges of Madison County" and "The Truman Show" (both in June)--none of which found their way into the Academy's top five.