HPFBHealth Products and Food Branch (Canada)
HPFBHypo Public Finance Bank (Ireland)
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Isolation and Culture of Human Peritoneal Fibroblasts (HPFB).
Concentrations of CCL5 protein secreted by HPFB were measured with the DuoSet Immunoassay Development Kit (R&D Systems).
Induction of CCL5 Production in HPFB by IL-1[beta] and TNF-[alpha].
Pretreatment of HPFB with actinomycin D resulted in a dose-dependent inhibition of cytokine-induced CCL5 secretion, indicating that the stimulatory effects of IL-1[beta] and TNF-[alpha] occurred at the transcriptional level (Figure 1(c)).
Effect of IFN-[gamma] on CCL5 Production by HPFB. IFN-[gamma] at concentrations ranging from 0.01 to 100 U/mL did not induce CCL5 production by HPFB.
Specificity and Timing of the Effects of IFN-[gamma] and TNF-[alpha] on CCL5 Release by HPFB. Specificity of the combined stimulation by IFN-[gamma] and TNF-[alpha] was verified in experiments using blocking antibodies.
Effect of CD40 Ligand (CD40L) on CCL5 Induction in HPFB. CD40L, a member of the TNF-[alpha] family, is expressed by mononuclear cells infiltrating the peritoneum during peritonitis [18].
Here, we show that HPFB in culture do not release CCL5 constitutively but are capable of producing this chemokine de novo in response to stimulation with proinflammatory cytokines IL-1[beta] and TNF-[alpha].
We have found that exposure to IFN-[gamma] increased CD40 expression in HPFB and made them responsive to CD40L.
See generally Food and Drug Regulations, CRC, c 870 (within the HPFB, the Therapeutic Products Directorate applies the regulations under the authority of the Food and Drugs Act, RSC 1985, c F-27).
In Canada, clinical trials on drugs and devices are regulated by the HPFB. (37) Additionally, Canadian agencies that fund human research have entered into memoranda with recipient institutions to assure that funded research complies with the 1998 Tri-Council Policy Statement that sets out ethical standards.
Therapeutic products are regulated by the Health Products and Food Branch (HPFB) of Health Canada under the authority of the Food and Drugs Act (FDA) (82) and Food and Drug Regulations (FDR).